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Information Services
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In IS we measure our success through the achievements of our customers - students, faculty and staff. Our goal in IS is for each of you to succeed. We truly believe that we succeed only when you succeed.

The IS mission is to provide technology leadership by bringing the knowledge assets of the world to the campus via high speed computer networks. We facilitate the innovative use of technology for instruction, research, and outreach via user-centered services and by stimulating a culture of academic discovery that contributes to the world-wide academic community.

What we do:

  • Automation: creating efficient methods of handling routine tasks that allow greater effort to be focused on the UNO academic mission.
  • Integration: re-engineering to effectively combine shared functions into streamlined processes that fulfill multiple purposes and reduce redundant efforts.
  • Communication: enhancing collaboration by diminishing the effect of geographical distances for both synchronous or asynchronous dialog; one to one, in groups, and to the world.
  • Innovation: simply using technology to achieve what previously was not possible.


IS develops effective partnerships with UNO colleges, administrative units, and student organizations, and with central administration to provide needed collaboration for building technology infrastructure, and providing complementary services. These partnerships address both the principles of economies of scale and personalized services through the coordination of centralized and distributed IT professionals at UNO.

Content last modified: January 29, 2013, 1:10pm